Tips for females when traveling for business

Increase in Female Travelers

This year a travel company reported that nearby 50 percent of all business travel bookings are for women and that this number is steadily increasing. With the increase in women travelers the awareness is also increasing that women face more security issues than men. A large number of women traveling said that they have experienced safety issue or concern and only few have reported this experience to their mangers. The research also found that a very small number of corporate travel safety policies specifically address female safety needs and concerns.

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Business travel is fun and luxury but there are certain things which should be kept in mind when you travel for business. Whether its s local conference or international destination. Limousine services in Toronto has compiled some business travel tips for women to help you stay safe on the road while you commute.

Stay in a reputable hotel in good area

When choosing a hotel, choose a well-known good hotel for your stay, interestingly some hotels offer woman only floors, so you don’t have to worry about the safety or security. You must ask before you book if that’s a personal preference for you. There is also a list of certified female friendly hotels worldwide. Also make sure to book your flight arrivals for daylight hours so you can avoid arriving after dark, especially for international travels.

When Traveling Internationally

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It is recommended for you to visit the concerned department where you can find important information related to every country in the world, including visa requirements, travel and security conditions, health and medical considerations, local laws and areas to avoid. There is also an option to enroll your trip so that you can have safety alerts and the embassy can contact you in the event of emergency.

Make Copies of your Documents

You must make copies of your passport ID page to make it easier to file a report and get a replacement if your passport is lost or stolen. Leave one copy with your trusted contact at home and carry one copy with yourself. You can also keep soft copies, in form of pictures in your mail id and phone. This will help you in case of emergency or if you lose your documents.

Be smart with your smart phone

Take advantage by using the latest technology and applications there are certain apps which show neighborhood specific safety scores, including relevant categories like women’s safety, physical harm, health and medical, theft and many more.

Pack your luggage in a smart manner

It’s always the best way to pack modestly and only keep things which you will really need. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, bags, shoes or anything which can attract bad people and you can get into some sort of trouble.

Also pack a decoy wallet with small amount of cash and expired credit cards, if someone rifles through your bag that will be the one they will take. Also wear a hidden money belt with your real wallet contents.