How to Travel Around the USA on a Budget

Budget travelers leave no stone unturned to stay within set spending limits. The United States is still one of the expensive transatlantic destinations for many travelers. Being a vast country, moving around the USA for sightseeing during a holiday can add up to a lot of money. But don’t give up on your dream destination yet. There are multiple ways to visit major attractions in the country and at the same time stick to your estimated budget. All it takes is a little planning and research. Find out how you can make your USA tour packages truly enjoyable and memorable with a modest budget.

Look for Flight Price Differences

Just like in case of domestic flights, booking an international flight to the U.S. well in advance is one smart way to avail cheap tickets. Check out the price differences between different flight services before booking your ticket to the USA. Along with this, look for special offers and discounts that are available from time to time and book the tickets accordingly. In most cases, there is a huge difference between direct flights and stopovers in terms of the prices of tickets. Make sure you check out that one as well to save money.

Stay on the Outskirts

Another factor that matters a lot from a budget point of view is where you put up once you reached the destination. Preferably, find accommodation in motels in small towns, suburbs, and rural areas. Sprawling urban centers are expensive, especially if you are planning to stay for a long time. The prices of food and lodging in places away from the main cities are sometimes up to 50 percent less than those in the cities. So, this is significant cost-saving for budget-conscious travelers. Nowadays, homestays are becoming a popular practice with many foreign travelers as they are way cheaper than hotel stays. Their costs do not entail taxes and hidden costs. It is also a good way to come into contact with the natives and learn about them, especially if you’re visiting the country for the first time. Cities such as Phoenix and Richmond offer this service.

Prefer Cheaper Transports

The U.S. is a huge country with expanses of different landscapes such as skyscrapers, mountains, and deserts. Traveling by foot is, thus, out of the question. Rental cars may not be the cheapest option to enjoy your USA tour packages, but there are few transport companies that rent cars at competitive prices. In addition, you can use certain apps to find out in real time the prices of fuel in different gas stations in your city or state in case you are renting a car to drive around yourself. If you still prefer a better cost-saving means to move around the country, you may consider intercity rails or buses that take tourists to different attractions en route. Public transport in the U.S. covers most major national landmarks and it is affordable, timely, and less tiring than driving a car yourself. Sometimes, it comes with discounts and reward points for passengers on selected trips.

Save on Road Tolls

States such as New York and Pennsylvania impose mandatory tolls on some roads. Like the local citizens, foreign travelers are required to pay tolls when they use interstate highways to enter another state; there’s no way around. However, if you are traveling within the same city or state, you can circumvent toll gates. Use a real-time route mapping service such as Google Maps to get directions on roads where there are no tolls at all. This is not something illegal; you are just taking another route that leads to the same destination without having to shell out extra cash.

Final Remarks

These are some of the time-tested ways to travel in and around the USA without breaking the bank. Travelers would definitely need to spend more for international travels compared to domestic trips, but as long as you follow the practical tips to save money whenever you can and stay within your budget, it would make any tour worthwhile. Take USA tour packages from Ahmedabad or Mumbai with attractive package highlights at reasonable prices for individuals as well as groups. Don’t let limited budgets spoil your dream of visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world.