Canada eta

Canada, as we all know, is one of the most beautiful places to live in. In recent years Canada has also witnessed several signs of progress in the educational field and industrial areas and thus has become an important place globally. For tourists and travelers, there are few other places that are as beautiful as Canada. When it comes to traveling abroad people generally need proper documentation which includes several papers, else they cannot reach their destination. It is a difficult task to travel with all the important documents required along with the luggage and other equipment that a person carries. The Canada eta provides relief from such tensions.

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Here arises the question what is eTA? This is an entry agreement for people who are from visa-exempt nations flying through Canada. Canadian Government has made it compulsory for all visa-exempt foreign nationals to carry eTA. It’s valid for 5 yrs or up to the expiration of the passport. Any person can visit Canada as many times as you want and stay there for six months by using this eTA.

How to apply for eTA?

Applying for the Canada eta can be done online. One must follow three easy steps to get the eTA Visa.

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Government of Canada and fill up the application form. There is a time limit to fill the application form, so all the required information must be ready beforehand.

Step 2: Next to submit the form; a payment of $7 is to be paid as CAD fee with the credit card.

Step 3: usually after the payment is made, a person receives a confirmation e- mail. In case if a person does not receive it, he or she must submit some supporting documents.

It is always advisable to check the junk folder of mail. One should apply for an eTA before boarding the flight. Also one should remember that only one person can make the Electronic Travel Authorization application at a time.

Who needs eTA for traveling or transiting through Canada?

Apart from American and Canadian citizens, all nationals from visa-exempt countries need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization Visa of Canada. However, if a person is a lawful permanent resident of US lacking a valid passport the person can apply for a Canada eta with a valid U.S. immigrant travel document and a valid consent for re-entering the United States. However, if you have any kind of criminal record you can’t apply for eTA.