6 Travel Bloggers In Canada That You Need To Follow

For those who are planning to enter Canada must first obtain Canada ETA Application. Canada ETA (short term for Electronic Travel Authorization) allows you to visit Canada for business, tourism, or as transit. ETA Canada can expedite your visa requirements by filling the form online. The following stories of 6 travel bloggers in Canada that you need to follow have got some ideas which can inspire you to visit other countries.

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Travel Yourself blog is about traveling alone

Cailin O’Neil, the owner of “travelyourself.ca” blog, is a writer by profession, a full-time blogger, and filmmaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia. So far, Cailin has already visited over 47 countries. Some of her travel adventures include a visit to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, an experience on over 20 safari adventures in Southern Africa, tasting some famous beers in Germany, and searching for Loch Ness monster in Scotland.

Cailin started this blog site back in 2009, and like most travelers, it was started to let her family know what she was up to on her travels. It was also her way to promote her travel videos. The blog Travel Yourself speaks for itself, traveling by yourself and get your butt without someone else following your back.

Traveling Canucks is a family-focused blog

The blog “travelingcanucks.com” is an endeavor of Cam and Nicole Wears who live in Vancouver with their two young children. The couple is both experts at showing that anyone can have the chance always to travel the world while raising a family. So far, they have already visited 65 countries, and in 2008, they established their blog. Their goal in sharing blog is to share their travel stories from around the world with the hope of inspiring everyone to travel more or help them plan their dream adventure to go around the world.

“Adventure is for Everyone” is a motto of The Planet D blog.

The blog “theplanetd.com” is a popular blog initiated by Dave and Deb from Toronto. This blog features photos, videos, and country information from seven continents. The couple has already won numerous awards and, their social media account have over 2.1 million followers. An adventurous couple who live by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone” have made their mission to inspire people to go out from their comfort zones and prove themselves to be a great adventurer.

Hectic Travels by a couple for eight years

The travel blog hectictravels.com was started by a couple from Calgary named Paul and Dalene Heck. The two have already traveled the world many times since 2009. They visited Bolivia to teach children how to swim, have stepped on icebergs in Greenland, and do housesitting whenever there’s an opportunity. For most of the eight years that have passed by, they lived out on their suitcases and across the world. Sadly, their travels are presently on hold due to cancer diagnosis of Dalene, but they say they’ll be traveling again in no time.

From Canada to Europe and beyond

Although this blog “europeandbeyond.com” makes you think a man from Europe writes it, a Montreal-based woman Marie-Eve Vallieres writes it who also likes to travel to Europe. Marie-Eve admits that she can’t stay away from her country for several months, and choose Northwestern Europe as her favorite destination. But as the name of her blog suggests, she travels to Europe and beyond. Marie-Eve wants her readers to understand that travel can be “empowering and safe, luxurious yet sensible, fulfilling on various aspects.”

This blogger quit her job for Legal Nomads

The blog “legalnomads.com” was started by Jodi Ettenberg, a Montreal resident and a former New City lawyer who left her career in 2008. Jodi has been traveling around the world since she quit her job. In her blog, she writes about her food adventures as a celiac, which changes what she can eat from other countries. When she is not writing about her food adventures abroad, Jodi sells unique hand-drawn maps inspired by her food adventures. Her writing about food and travel turned into a new career.

With the opportunity of the Canadian travel bloggers to travel to many cities around the world, they can advise people who want to go to Canada that you can get Canada E Visa in your native country for business, tourist, or transit. They can also advise you that when you visit Canada, it will be great for you to learn the experiences of travel bloggers in Canada.